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Lightweight AR, Sketch Regions, Custom Fractions: Tips from the Creo Masters

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Here's the next set of quick Creo tutorials presented by our expert product managers. Each tutorial in this series is just a few minutes long. These tips are aimed at helping you learn a new skill. Or, for experienced users, helping you learn a new workflow to perform a skill you've been doing for years.


Below you’ll find about 15 minutes of video how-tos to help you improve your Creo proficiency.


Let's get started.

Combining Simplified Reps and Augmented Reality for Lightweight Experiences


Simplified Representations allow you to control the amount of data retrieved for a component. These can be helpful for to publishing lightweight AR experience.


In this tutorial, Creo Product Manager, Luke Westbrook, shows you how to use simplified reps with your next AR experience.


Here's how:

Using Sketch Region


You can create geometry containing extrude, revolve, fill, and sketch features  quickly using sketch regions. Using Sketch Region reduces the need to perform project and trim operations within Sketcher. It also offers a flexible way to use portions of a single sketch as the basis for several sketch-based features.


In this short tutorial, Director of Product Management, Martin Neumueller, shows you how to use Sketch Region selection to quickly create geometry with supported sketch-based features.


Watch the tutorial:


Dimensioning: Custom Fractions


You can display dimensions in Creo as either decimals or fractions by setting a configuration option. Then, you can set up custom fraction denominators and use them to define your model's dimensions.


In this tutorial, Creo Product Manager, Michael Fridman, shows you how to dimension with fractions instead of decimal representations, and then add a custom fraction denominator, when needed.


See how to do it:


For more tips from our experts, watch the Tips from the Creo Masters main page.

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