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Model Trees, AR Experiences, and Curved Surfaces: Tips from the Creo Masters

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Ready for another 15 minutes of Creo tips from our product manager experts?


In the videos below, you’ll see how to avoid pitfalls when adding components to a Model Tree, a faster way to reach your AR experiences, and tips for getting embossed text on curved surfaces.


Drag-and-Drop Without Restructuring the Model Tree


Normally when you drag-and-drop parts and subassemblies in the Model Tree, they're moved to wherever you drop them. However, restructuring components can lead to unwanted changes in the assembly structure.


However, you can change this behavior so Model Tree components are not restructured when you drag-and-drop components.


In this tutorial, Arnaud van de Veerdonk, Creo Product Manager, shows you how:



Bookmark Your AR Experiences


Reviewing an augmented reality (AR) experience of a Creo model over and over? Stop opening that experience using the link in your email. Instead, save a few steps by creating a bookmark that automatically launches the AR experience.


In this short tutorial, Creo Product Manager, Luke Westbrook shows you how to create a bookmark on your mobile device to quickly open an AR experience.


See how to do it:



Add Embossed Text to a Cylindrical Surface


If you've ever designed a text element to emboss on a curved part, you know that getting it just right can be a mind bender. Demystify the process. Watch the tutorial below to see how to create embossed text on a cylindrical surface in Creo Parametric with as few clicks as possible.


In the tutorial, Mark Fischer, Sr. Director of Product Management shows you how to:


  • Wrap text around a curved surface.
  • Turn the text into a designated area (a quilt that can be used to indicate areas for close examination or a special treatment), create an offset of the designated area, and then use the thicken feature to create the embossed text.
  • Edit the appearance of the embossed text (defining the size, font, angle, etc.).
  • Edit the definition for the text (defining the size, font, angle, etc.).


Watch how it's done here:



For more tips from our experts, watch the Tips from the Creo Masters main page.



Is there a way to control the expansion of sub assemblies.  Many times I try to move a component to a position below a subassembly and before I drop it the sub assembly expands and I can no long put it below the sub assembly.  It wants to restructure to the bottom of the sub assembly.  I like to be able to restructure by drag and drop, but when moving parts, the expanding sub assemblies limit placement.  Or at least allow placement below an expanded subassembly.

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