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Shrinkwrap All Quilts, Custom Manikin Postures, CNC Drilling: Tips from the Masters

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We're offering a series of quick Creo tutorials presented by our expert product managers. Each of these tutorials are just a few minutes long. These bite-sized tips are a perfect opportunity to learn a new skill or ensure you're following best practices.


Below you’ll find about 15 minutes of video how-tos to help you boost your CAD know-how.


Let's get started.


Shrinkwrap All Quilts


When you create a Shrinkwrap feature, by default, Creo automatically analyzes all components in the assembly and determines which ones will be included in the shrinkwrap. This could result in subassembly quilts being excluded. However, you can use the Search Tool to help find and select all quilts in the assembly.


In this tutorial, Arnaud van de Veerdonk, Creo Product Manager, shows you how to use shrinkwrap to copy all quilts from all models in an assembly.


Watch the tutorial now:


Work with Custom Manikin Postures


You can test designs for ergonomic compatibility and other human-centric requirements using a Creo Manikin. If you can't find a manikin that fits your design scenario, you can create a custom posture for your manikin. Then, you can save the posture, use it for an analysis or apply it to any other manikin later.


In this tutorial, Arnaud van de Veerdonk explains how to create, store, and apply custom manikin postures.


Here's how to do it:



CNC Drilling on Imported Geometry


Simplify your work creating hole-making sequences over imported geometry with tips from Creo Product Manager, Jose Coronado.


In this tutorial you'll see how to easily create CNC drilling sequences by:


  • Creating drill holes on imported geometry (no axes needed).
  • Using the Auto Depth option so you don't need to manually select the end of each set of holes.


Watch the tutorial:


For more tips from our experts, watch the Tips from the Creo Masters main page.


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