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Tips from the Creo Masters: Build Your CAD Expertise in Just 15 Minutes

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Throughout April and May 2020, we rolled out a series of posts here on the Creo Community to help enhance your CAD skills 15 minutes at a time.


Visit this Creo Tips below for posts packed with new video tips and demos from our product experts. You’ll find step-saving guidance on topics such as mastering complicated rounds, embossing text on cylindrical surfaces, using sketch regions, and more.


Post 1

  • Copy geometry from multiple assembly components in a single feature.
  • Quickly defeature a model to prepare for simulation.
  • Creating advanced rounds.

imageAdding rounds

Post 2 

  • Prevent drag and drop restructuring from the Model Tree.
  • Bookmark an AR experience on your mobile device.
  • Emboss text on a cylindrical surface.



Post 3 

  • Create external feature references without depending on a source model.
  • Place standard profile configurations in an assembly using AFX.
  • More efficiently work with annotation elements in annotation features.


Post 4

  • Use Shrinkwrap to copy all quilts from all models in an assembly.
  • Store and apply Manikin custom postures.
  • Using the Manufacturing module, drill holes in Creo without creating an axis; plus use the Auto Depth option.



Post 5

  • Use simplified reps to publish only what is needed in an AR experience.
  • Use Sketch Region selection to quickly create geometry with supported sketch-based features.
  • Dimension with fractions.


Post 6 

  • Add ancillary objects to Manikin models.
  • Display the toolpath and its references by clicking on the toolpath name on the Model Tree.
  • Map SolidWorks commands to Creo commands.


Post 7 

  • Use Update Control functionality through, on-the-fly created, geometry backups.
  • Manage visibility of annotations and supplemental geometry such as planes, axes, coordinate systems, points, and curves.
  • Build spiral geometry using a variable section sweep and a parameter called TRAJPAR.


Post 8 

  • Report mass properties for each wire in a BOM.
  • Create a helical toolpath using the auto-cutline functionality; plus, define a 5-axis toolpath while controlling the tool axis.
  • Prevent inadvertent modification of driving dimension values when the dimension precision (number of decimal places) is modified.


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