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Introducing the New and Improved DGIS Guide to ThingWorx Development

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The New and Improved DGIS Guide to ThingWorx Development

Written by Victoria Firewind of the IoT EDC


The classic Developing Great IoT Solutions guide has been reskinned and revamped for newer versions of ThingWorx! The same information on how to build a quality IoT application is now available for versions of ThingWorx 9.1+, and now, a complete sample application is included to demonstrate these ideas. 


Find within the attached archive a PDF with high-level overview information on development and application design geared towards managers and business users, so that everyone can understand the necessary requirements, common terms, and key tips on how to ensure an application is scalable and maintainable right from the very start. Reduce your chances of running into issues between PoC and Go Live by reviewing this information today!


Also find within this PDF a series of tutorials which teach not just how to use the ThingWorx software, but which also educate on how to make good application design choices. A basic rules engine for sending real-time notifications is included here, as well as a complete demo application which illustrates each concept in a real-world use case. This Coffee Machine Demo App relies upon the tutorial entities, which can also now be imported directly using the other XML files provided here. This ensures that anyone can review these concepts, regardless of how much time one can commit or how much knowledge one already has on the subject.


This is a complex guide, and any issues, questions, or bugs found within can be reported right here on this thread. Happy developing from the IoT EDC!


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