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ThingWorx Code Example Libraries

There are now three new places where you can get and/or share ThingWorx code examples in the ThingWorx Community:

We encourage you to share your own relevant code examples in the appropriate space. Be sure to read the how-to and guidelines for posting to the Code Examples Libraries before you create your document.

Any official code from ThingWorx Support Services will be marked with an official designation at the top of the document, which looks like this:


Keep an eye out for more code examples as we ramp up these libraries and don’t forget to share your own examples!


how can i read owning entities thingname from a thingshape which is attached to it. 


for example in java script is used to get the thing name , how can we convert this code to java code>?

Hi @lindafrembes ,


When i tried to access the links i got the below page




Should i be a member of any PTC working group? How do i access the links?




Hi @SaranKarthick.


We apologize for this issue.  Last year we migrated our platform and for some reason the links are no longer redirecting properly.  We are following up to address that.


In the meantime, you can access the needed information by going to IoT Tech Tips and selecting Code Examples:




Please let me know if you have further difficulties.  Otherwise, marking this post as the Accepted Solution would be greatly appreciated.





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