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All About Mathcad Software Installation.


All About Mathcad Software Installation.

We have created this technical tip to help Mathcad users Install software on own. This is a one stop shop for Mathcad software users to get information ranging from  - Software Download, Installation, Licensing, Error's Troubleshooting to General queries related about the product.  This is just a start - We'll keep enhancing this page, as we tend to capture issues or when someone shares his/her findings. 



Is it possible to install a single licensed copy of Mathcad Prime 7.0 on both a desktop and a laptop?


If so, are there any special installation instructions?




Okie - This is based on license type

If you have  a locked license then you'll be able to install the software on the specific machine for which the license was generated (Mach ID of the machine). Inshort , locked license is meant to run the software on one machine.


However, if you have a floating license than you have the ability to run it on different machines. FYI, Floating license is a server based license. You install the license on a server and than have the client machine to grab it. 

What's important - The number of machines on which it can run is limited to the number of seats you purchased or are entitled to. 


To exemplify :

Imagine you bought two seats of floating license - Than at any point of time any two machines can utilize the license and run the software.

Another scenario: If you have 1 seat of Mathcad floating license, than you can run it on one machine at any given point of time. If it has to be run on another machine or laptop. Than the first user needs to exit / release the license so that the other user can launch the software on the second /alternate machine. 

I hope the above details answers your question.

Also, i would encourage you to refer the hub Tech Tip in the community it may answers most of your questions or helpful to gain more information related to Mathcad installation/licensing / Troubleshooting


Best Regards,



This is to complicated.

I just want to us the license on my working station and when living the office, i want to use it on my windows 10 tablet.


Insted of setting up a server, it sholud be possible that the computer was checking aggainst Mathcad server and licence aggrement. Or i loged on the Mathcad and hooked of that it shold be locked to the computer while working offline. Then when back on the office the licence could be returned by unlocking the licence and closing the program. Then it would be available on the workstation again.


Please look into the future and make somthing that is up to date with our new world living standard, which is mobility.

Hello @ON_9551245,


Thank you for the feedback - Though your ask sounds reasonable, but it isn't the current functionality and more of an enhancement. Anyways, I concur with @VladimirN , and would  appreciate if you can post this is an Idea. 


Additionally, I'm sharing with you an article that might help you meet your expectations (to certain degree) and that is on "Borrow License" feature we have for Mathcad Prime. You may Borrow the license  and than return it early or else it reverts on own once it meets the set days. However, this feature is only available for Floating / Server based license and is not intended for Locked or node locked license.


Hope the above information helps.


Best Regards,



Is there a How To for updating the license on the server?


Renewed Prime 7.0 and was e-mailed the two license files but I always struggle with loading the new ones onto the server and removing the old ones.  Usually have to have someone from support remote into the server and I never remember to write down the steps they take so I can do it myself the next time.

Hello @jamesbarlowpe ,


You may refer below links :


If you have Mathcad license server installed and just want to Upgrade/Update the license server to new license file - Than I would recommend you to follow steps listed here


However, if you are performing New Mathcad Prime Installation, than please refer below

  1. For Floating/Server Based license 
  2. For Locked License 


Important  - PTC send two license files to customers one is a borrow license and the other is Server or locked license based on what customer has purchased.

However, borrow license functionality is meant only for server based license installation. To understand better, refer below sample  -

lm_xxxxxxxx_xxxxxxx.txt     - Is the borrow license and is to be used on server if user needs to borrow license from server to another machine

lm_xxxxxxxx_xxxxxxx_standard.txt  -  If used on server will not support license borrowing.


Additional Information:

How to identify borrow license - Refer image and check for "BORROW"-



 Incase you want to download Mathcad Prime 7.0 : Refer 


If you want to retrieve a the latest license version - Refer 


If the above information helps, you may mark the thread as "Accept as Solution".


Best Regards,










Also - "How to update FlexNet Admin License Server (lmadmin) with a new license file":

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