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PTC Mathcad Community Challenge Index and Guidelines

PTC is pleased to announce the Mathcad Community Challenge, a bimonthly event where we’ll post an open-ended challenge for you to solve using PTC Mathcad Prime. Feel free to collaborate with other users and their worksheets by attaching your worksheet to your posts here. Participants will also earn PTC Community Badges!

In general, at the start of every other month, we’ll post a new thread with the challenge. You can post in that thread throughout the month with contributions. Around the middle of the next month, PTC and our affiliates will go through the contributions and create a resolution to it in the form of a blog article discussing your interesting approaches to the problem. Then, we’ll post a new challenge at the start of the next month.

We hope you enjoy this challenge!

Some rules and guidelines:

  • Your contributions will be monitored by PTC and PTC-affiliated parties. We may use them in marketing material, including in post-challenge discussions hosted on PTC properties like
  • Use PTC Mathcad’s documentation features in your contributions so everyone can follow along
  • Use units whenever possible
  • Only .mcdx (Mathcad Prime) worksheets will be eligible for participation. Mathcad Express Prime files are allowed.

Look out for posts by Dave Martin, a former Mathcad instructor, author of Mathcad books, contributor to our and blogs, and occasional contributor to the Mathcad and Creo YouTube channels. He also runs the popular “Creo Parametric” YouTube channel. Learn more about Dave here.

Challenges List/Archive:

Note: Content will be moderated in accordance with challenge guidelines. Please focus your replies accordingly.



Erased Post



Ah, sorry for the confusion!

(But also thank you for your interest!)

Definitely post your solutions to the individual challenge threads!



So in March, there'll be another problem in another thread and this thread will link off to that. This is more of a central "hub" post.

List updated with March's new challenge, and February's solution blog if you haven't read it yet!

The May 2022 challenge is up now, and the solution blog write-up for the March 2022 challenge is now live on! A lot of valuable learnings from one another.

The index has been updated accordingly.

The May solution blog write-up is live on! (And edited into the main post.)


Now to wait for the fourth challenge coming in July. 🙂

Fourth challenge is live! Check it out.

Solution blog is live on and in the main post.


Next challenge to come at the start of September, and according to Dave, it'll have something to do with electrical engineering.

It feels like it's been a while since this has happened, but the September Mathcad Community Challenge is live!

Solution blog for the September 2022 challenge is live on Badges also awarded. Article updated.

The November 2022 challenge is live. We're eager for your solutions to it!

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