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Analysis of 3 to 5 span continuous beam ?


Analysis of 3 to 5 span continuous beam ?

Looking to obtain the reaction for 3-5 span continuous beam.

Does anyone have an existing Mathcad 15 file that I can reference? Thanks.


More info please.

I understand "continuous beam."  Not quite clear on "3-5 span."

Sorry for the confusion. I meant a minimum of 3 continuous spans to a maximum of 5 continuous spans.

The beam is of constant cross section (E and I are constant)


There was a posting by Lester Wadsworth (in 2000) that looks like it might be a good start; but searching on this site only finds the message trail--any attached files are gone.  Others in this forum have demonstrated the ability to find these.

Maybe one of those gentlemen. . .

Sorry, but there is probably no way to find them. When the Collaboratory was migrated to the new forums all files older than five years were abandoned (a stupid thing to do - don't get me started on why or I will go into a major rant). Sometimes the same file can be found if it was re-posted in a later thread, but if it wasn't then it's gone for good.

Do you have a link to this thread or, even better, a file name?

The only with "Lester Wadsworth" I could find was this one from 2010: Re: Pucher Charts (Plate Internal Forces) In Mathcad

Did a search (on this forum) for beams.  Got "a general beam solution," by Lester Wadsworth August 9, 2000.

All replies are there, no attached files.

Could the file in question be the one Lester reposted in the thread I linked to?

At least he writes there "This is one I posted way back on the Collabatory".

I'm still here!! (I was registered 'Lester' but Christened 'William Lester', so the former is legally correct but everyone calls me 'Bill').

I have attached the current version of my general beam analysis program, the input now uses Excel tables for neatness and the 'fill-down' capability, a version with just Mathcad tables is available.

This is a fantastic program, and thank you for sharing it. I would like to be able to modify it to have moment-release supports. I'm not adept at Mathcad's many programming functions, so I'm unable to see where to modify the stiffness matrix equation inputs.


Hi ADeBirk,


email me a sample problem you wish to solve and I will see what I can do.


Good find!

I sent a private message to Lester Wadsworth.

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