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Getting a trial license


Getting a trial license


Some coworkers within my office want to use MathCad. So I've tried to install the MathCad 14 trial version on a machine within out corporate network, to run some test on the software and to see if it fits the requirements, which works fine.
But when the license wizard tries to get a 30 days trial license i get an error message "(407) Proxy Authentication Required". I've double checked my account data was correct, so i guess our local proxy settings a causing the error. However, there's no way to change the proxy policy for this issue, so i need to get a trial license file by email. On my corresponding request I only got a blunt standard reply with some telephone numbers listed. So i called, but the only thing i've reached without already being able to tell the system a license number was an answering machine, on which i've repeated my issue.
Long story short, no aswer from there since a week time, so my last hope is to find an answer here:
How am i supposed to get a trial license without a direct internet connection?!

Any help is greatly appreciated!

My company's proxy also blocked the license acquisition process. Only people with laptops who could connect outside the office were able to run the trial version.


I just spent a week trying to get a license after a hard drive rebuild. Got no answer for a week or so. Then the last time I called in, I explained to the operator that I had had no luck. She tried to get someone to answer the phones, but no joy. She then told me that she would put me through to a Kevin who would /actually/ return my call. I left him a message, and he /did/ call back the same day. As a result, I did get a license file in email later that day. Unfortunately, it didn't work, and I don't know why. Fortunately, one of the emails that I sent got answered, and it came along with a new product number, which allowed me to use the internet to get a new license.

Hopefully, you can get in touch with Kevin, and he will get you the license. Kevin was concerned and asked with whom I had left messages and to whom I sent emails. He said that the turnaround should be less than a day for license requests.


On 6/12/2009 2:25:42 PM, woodwise wrote:
> Kevin was
>concerned and asked with whom
>I had left messages and to
>whom I sent emails. He said
>that the turnaround should be
>less than a day for license

Whoever Kevin is, he needs to visit this forum and the PTC Mathcad forum. He will find lots of posts (especially on the PTC forum) by people trying to get a license (either a new license, a renewal for a new machine, or a trial) that can't get a response from PTC. And for every person that has bothered to post, I'm sure there are dozens that have had the same problem and didn't post anything.


I asked tech support about this problem. Here's what I heard back:

This error message is likely to be linked to an internal proxy server situation at the customer's site or because of the firewall, which the user will need to discuss with his internal IT department. A regular internet connection is required to obtain a license file automatically, i.e. just port 80 needs to be open in order for the Mathcad license Setup Wizard to connect to the PTC License Server at

The process involves the following steps: - The Mathcad License Wizard requires port 80 to be open to connect to the PTC Server - Each user must have their own account - The Wizard needs to be able to transmit the customer data to the PTC Server ( account information and hard disk volume id) - The PTC Server needs to be able to send the license file back to the client machine.

If this fails the customer can contact our license management team, through our Mathcad Activation line (781-370-5205 �US Only) with their C-Drive Volume Serial Number and our LM should be able to generate a 30 day Trial license for them (Customer should specifically mention about the 30 trail license, as the SUA customer has to provide their product code)

Customer can also send an E-mail to -

5-Regular Member

On 6/17/2009 1:42:53 PM, MonaZ wrote:
>The process involves the
>following steps: - The Mathcad
>License Wizard requires port
>80 to be open to connect to
>the PTC Server - Each user
>must have their own
>account - The Wizard needs to
>be able to transmit the
>customer data to the PTC
>Server ( account
>information and hard disk volume id)
>- The PTC Server
>needs to be able to send the
>license file back to the
>client machine.
Can you confirm that the single user licencing is different to Enterprise user licencing (including home use), for V14 onward, in that single users still lock to the hard drive volume serial number, while enterprise users are locked to their ethernet port's mac address ?

I have had users with identical hard drive volume serial numbers! This occurs when the hard drives are cloned. Often by the PC builder / supplier.

Philip Oakley

I'm not in licensing or technical support so I'm clear on how this works in an enterprise system.

There's a new installation in Mathcad 14 m030. Did you read the information in the Administration Guide?


On 6/18/2009 4:48:31 AM, philipoakley wrote:

>I have had users with identical hard
>drive volume serial numbers!

You can have any hard drive volume ID you want:

5-Regular Member

On 6/23/2009 3:21:44 PM, rijackson wrote:
>On 6/18/2009 4:48:31 AM, philipoakley
>>I have had users with identical hard
>>drive volume serial numbers!
>You can have any hard drive volume ID
>you want:

Glad you found it. I knew it was possible, didn't know wher the app was.

Philip Oakley
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