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Automatically share libraries with a project on creation

5-Regular Member

Automatically share libraries with a project on creation

Is it somehow possible to add certain libraries to a project on creation, so it you don't have to do it afterwards manually. 

Here I am thinking of formats, templates etc. 

When I am creating a part in a project it wont read the template in my library it only works if i am in a product. 


I get this meassage example when i try doing it in a project:

wtpub://PLM/Libraries/System/Formats/a3_rd8.frm|v=A.1' cannot be retrieved.
'a3_rd8' does not exist in the database.

23-Emerald II

Looks like something is not set up properly.

Libraries are available to all who have permission to read them. Normal users should only have read rights to the libraries.

When you defined your Windchill system to Creo, everyone must use the same name for the server registration. In your case, that would be PLM.

Hi @BenLoosli 


The point is ProjectLink. If you work in the ProjectLink a project context is usually used for external designers so you do not allow external users to go to different contexts

They can work just in the specific project. 


Thanks that someone(responsible person) needs to share all library content to the project if external users need them. 

I guess that's the point. 


But you could be right because registration name is very important for wtpub configuration string


5-Regular Member


My though something is not set up right but, I also see the idea of Project Link that user not should allowed access to more than they are working on. 


Why I ask is the externs needs access to company defined tables and formats and symbols. 

Right now i need manually add them to the project every time.

We are talking one labrary


I was looking for at way to either add them to project automatically if some one knows what to write in the project template used when the project is generated?


The other possibility is if specific users could havae the rights to enter the library in "project mode" 

I have tried to put the group of people into the "Collaboration Manager" of the libary without any luck. I also tried making them member of the Library


I cant find away to give access across project without adding them manually to the project 😞


It is understandable that you can not find a way how to add access to EPM Document outside of a project because the system behaves that way.


I just describe the case>

To open an EPMDocuments in Creo you need to add them to a workspace.

You can add a object to a project workspace only if the object is in that project. Can not add objects outside the project if they are not shared to a project.


I understand that you are trying to find better way how to prepare all standards in the project to work on. 


I have just an idea how to achieve the sharing during creation project >D but it can be done by customization.

Write code that share all objects from library to a project.  




22-Sapphire I

This is a really good question - and applicable in a variety of situations.


For users who have general access to Windchill, I agree with Ben's comment below that these users would normally have the correct access to all the Library items, then have additional access to data in Project(s).


For the use case of some users (e.g. a vendor) who is only given access to data in a Project, then this becomes a very important consideration, and ideally could be done in only a few steps, and repeatable.  This may apply to some users in your company also, but not too likely.


Maybe clarify for us what access the user has prior to considering using a Project and that may help us help you.

5-Regular Member

My normal user do not have access as you describe, 

If an employee change to a project they get same meassage and cant access the library. 


My though is some access rights that I have wrong if you mean that an employee should have access ?



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