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Enumerated Value ATTRIBUTE Internal Name / Display Name


Enumerated Value ATTRIBUTE Internal Name / Display Name



I set a new reusable attribute MFG (String, all identifiers set to just MFG).  I added to the CAD Doc subtype and gave it a new enumerated list.  The Internal name cannot have spaces... so I removed them and made all the manufacturer names one space free string.  But for display name I entered them as they should be.  I also put "MFG" next to the Creo:____ box which I believe explicitly maps it?


I set my regular part and sheetmetal start files to include the same parameter "MFG" and set the parameter to "ADD MFG" for with the internal Windchill name is "ADDMFG".


I checked in the regular part no problem.  I checked in the sheetmetal part... problem.  the error showed that all the legal values were the internal name on this.  Yet the regular part checked in fine with the Display name.  I set the parameter in the sheetmetal part to "ADDMFG" and it checked in...


What am I doing wrong here!?



I'll take a stab at trying to help you troubleshoot. It's a pain getting everything to match up correctly.


So it sounds like you made a single, reusable attribute:

  • Internal Name: MFG
  • Display Name: MFG

Then you made an enumerated list:

  • Internal Name: MFG
  • Display Name: MFG
  • Added values, with display names that include spaces

Then you added the reusable attributes to your CAD document:

  • Reusable Attribute with Internal Name MFG, Display name MFG
  • Constraints: Enum List: MFG

Then you updated your start parts with a default value that matched one of the Display Names from the Enum list.


Sound right? That should all work. On the Windchill side, the setup I'm used to has no distinction between sheet metal parts and normal parts - there is no subtype for CAD documents for this. Does your system have different subytpes for those?

What I did was:

  1. Made the new reusable attribute MFG (string)
  2. Added to my CAD Document
  3. Added a NEW enumerated list constraint
  4. To add something to that list I had to give it an internal name with no spaces.  So ABCTECH and a display name ABC TECH.
  5. When I tested with a regular part, I edited the attribute and the list it showed me contained ABC TECH and I could check it in.
  6. I tested with a sheetmetal part.  I edited the attribute and it gave me ABC TECH... but failed to check in stating that ABCTECH was the only acceptable string.

I don't know why but it would take the display name in one part, but only accept the internal name for the other.  I could only set the sheetmetal part to the correct internal value by manual entry inside the part parameter... when editing in windchill it gave the display names to pick from.... (to my best recollection)


Thanks for having a look!

Wow, that's really weird.

Did you name the attributes in the CAD models exactly the same? I've seen in Creo that the case of the attributes matters. Mfg may not be equivalent to MFG.

I purposely removed the attribute from the CREO part so adding it in windchill gives you the list to use... otherwise it was a restricted value list that gets embedded in the file as is.  This restricted value parameter is not updated in the part as you add it.  So doing it inside windchill seems the best option.


So I set a up a view in the edit attribute page to have all the necessary attributes.  Once filled out there it is pushed into the CREO file.  Only issue is that once in CREO it's a manual entry, the windchill list is no longer available.

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