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How to Authenticate Windchill in a JSP


How to Authenticate Windchill in a JSP


I'm creating a JSP that would list all the groups of a specified organisation in the Windchill.

To prevent the authentication window, I'm trying to use RemoteMethodServer API and the suggested method of authentication from CS254321 in PTC K-Base.

But i still get the authentication window when i try to access this JSP.

Any help?



How are you calling this JSP? Is it from an action from Windchill or a stand alone? If it is a standalone and if the JSP is in one of the protected resource locations, you will not be able to access the resource without authentication.

Hi Binesh,

Thanks for replying.

It is a standalone JSP and it resides in the <WT_HOME>\netmarkets\jsp.

Is there any other way that i can achieve my need? My actual requirement is to get the list of groups from an organisation in Windchill and process it in an external Java code, and in future try to add some users to an existing group. Any suggestions.

What if you explicitly set the username and password?



I tried that initially and ended up with this below error.


This error is a compilation error in your class. If you run your code from a standalone java class , does it work?

The auth window come from Apache.

codebase/netmarket/jsp is an Apache authenticated ressource. And by default, all ressources are authenticated...

Take a look to HTTPServer/conf/extra/app-Windchill-AuthRes.xml, you'll find some anonymous URLs, like

   <resource type="anonymous">wtcore/getWtProperties.jsp</resource>

Maybe you'll need to add a new resource there, or use an existing one.

PS : I'm not sure that anonymous access to PDMLink is allowed by PTC's licence.

Hi aarasan-3,


Did you ever solve this problem? I have the same problem now and maybe you can help me with this?



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