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Not able to open popup as small size


Not able to open popup as small size

I have a table action. I am trying to open a popup window to show an UI page. But I would like to show that window to be small. Here is my action,  <moreurlinfo>height=500,width=560</moreurlinfo>  It is still opening default size page. Could you please help me to resolve this issue.

<action name="selectECO" multiselect="true" selectRequired="true">

           <command windowType="popup" url="netmarkets/jsp/pac/pacSelectChangeFromAgile.jsp?mode=ECO"/>




The sizing of the window is  done in the JS function popupActionMainImpl.

What you can do is use Chrome and its debugger, activated by the F12 key. ( should work with firefox too I think )

(1) in the URL, add &jsDebug=1 to use the uncompressed JS files. Easier to debug 🙂

(2) in the console, type debug(popupActionMainImpl);

This add a breakpoint at the begining of the popupActionMainImpl function.

And launch your action...


You can now go step by step in the function.

You can validate that moreInfo is set :


A little bit further in the function, you'll find the code that handles the window sizing.

As you can see, the code tries to find a size with a cookie mechanism, and next from the moreurl info.


This should help you to understand what's going on 🙂

Thanks Olivier for your response. Let me do the debug and try to fix the issue. When I asked the PTC support the same question the response is,

can't be possible to do window resize in customization.


This is odd, even if you create a custom popup window, I guess it is opened the same way as an ootb one.

If your action goes through popupActionMainImpl, moreurlinfo should be handled 🙂

good luck in your debug.

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