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Windchill Generic Web Services documentation


Windchill Generic Web Services documentation

Hi all,

I am wondering if there is a service documentation about the Windchill WS tasks existing anywhere. To be more clear, I am talking about the tasks located under <Windchill>/tasks/com/ptc/windchill/ws.

Let's have a look at the navigate.xml (I've attached one for quick overview). I managed to navigate through the children of a any object type using this task. But I am always just using the following parameters:

  • baseUFID
  • associationTypeIdentifier
  • targetRoleName
  • otherSide
  • autoNavigate

Besides the fact that I have to call the operation twice to get the links and the linked objects (otherSide - true or false), it is working well. If I have a look at the parameter description, I can see that there are much more available parameters than I am using. So I am wondering if anybody can explain me the usage of the other parameter, or even better, has an example which uses them.

Quick Overview of available parameters:

@param string baseUfid UFID of object from which navigation will start

@param string associationTypeIdentifier Type of link to be navigated

@param string targetRoleName Name of role played by other-side objects

@param string[] targetTypes Types of objects to be returned, null to return all available types

@param boolean otherSide true to return other-side objects, false to return link objects

@param boolean autoNavigate true to enable application of config specs, automatic navigation from master objects to iterations, and automatic retrieval of remotely linked objects

@param string configSpecType null if no config spec requested

@param[] configSpecParams Parameters of the specified config spec, if any

@param string[] propertyNames Names of properties to be returned with the resulting objects

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Here is a small description of remaining parameters. Hope it helps.


Allow you to filter returned object types ; for example if you have a document structure containing various soft types, you can keep only those you want


You can set the way you want to navigate the structure (configuration specification); for example by baseline, as-stored or state ; by default you get "latest" iteration of target object


Bunch of parameters related to configSpecType you previously set ; for example baseline reference


You can select properties returned for target objects instead of having all defaults ; if you just need number or state, it will speed up your search and reduced memory needs

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