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Worker Agent Configuration


Worker Agent Configuration

We have family tables stored in a read-only product.  When the family tables are updated, they're moved from the read-only product to one with write access.  The family tables can then be checked out, updated, checked back in, and moved back to the read-only product.


Moving the family table along with its instances facilitates the publishing of every version of every instance.  This creates thousands of unnecessary items being sent to the publisher.


How do I configure the publishing rules in the Worker Agent to prohibit this behavior?





There are several ways to go about this requirement: 

  1. Disable publish/republish on EPMdocument change
    • This will disable publishing/republishing on any metadata change (Any changes without iterating the object, e.g. state,move,rename)
    • Can be disabled using following properties in



  2. Customize the listener for the required events, refer 
  3. PublishRules 
    • Move action is consider as unknown job source for publishing 


    • to filter these objects we need to identify specific EPMDoc attribute which identifies these objects uniquely (e.g.  name, number, any user created attribute)
    • Find the sample attached example xml 
    • You can also find out epm* attributes which can be used by launching representation in Creo View 


    • Caveats : 
    • With the provided xml it will only disable the publishing for container equals to target folder in move operation.  Along with it this will also disable the publishing for any other metadata change (state change or rename when in that context)
    • For republish to take effect with the new rule it is mandatory to have existing rep to be generated with any other rule , refer




Thank you Vishwas.

we are so numerous needing to prevent the worker from republishing objects that are simply moved from products or libraries to others that i am wondering why there is no easier way to activate this.


But on your post, you wrote : 1-Disable publish/republish on EPMdocument change :

Can be disabled using following properties in publish.republishonepmdocumentchange=true

which sounds a bit contradictory when reading (republish=true whereas it should disable republish...)


Then you route to  where the first lines say to set properties as publish.republishonepmdocumentchange to false. So it's confusing me a little. 

I am really looking for something easier to set in place from PTC as it is a common will for Windchill admins to skip those users request asking for purging unwanted publish jobs that prevent their own promotions and publications to be printed out quickly.





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