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Integrity Web Service in C#


Integrity Web Service in C#

Afternoon All,

I'm currently developing an internal inventory system and i was wanting to pull some information from our PTC Integrity 10.4 installation, more specifically i was wanting to pull/save any files that have been attached to a work item. I'm able to get the the name of the attachment from the getItem request but when ever i try the FetchAttachments i'm getting Content-Type error messages!!

Has anybody used the integrity web services that could lend me a hand




Hello Matthew,

I believe there are people who have developed Integrity Web Service interfaces in C#, but there are not currently very many.

It turns out this is a known defect of JBoss Server which Integrity Lifecycle Manager actually uses: RFC 830440:

When trying to retrieve attachments using web services written in C# gives the following error. This was generated when trying to call Integrity_2009Client.fetchAttachments(fa)

“Error creating a reader for the MTOM message” – “Root MIME part must contain a non-zero length value for ‘charset’ parameter in Content-Type header.”

There appears to be a bug with the JBoss Server that we (Integrity) are using. This is from the JBoss community website:

You might also find these links somewhat useful:

Please contact PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager Support to add yourself to the Defect Request For Change 830440.

I hope that helps.



Kind Regards,
Kael Lizak

Senior Technical Support Engineer
PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager

Below is written that in the JbossWS-Native 3.3.0 things have been fixed

MTOM interop issue with WCF | JBoss Developer

Can someone at PTC look at this fix? Thanks!




2.5 years and defect still exists ... any chance that PTC plans to fix that?

Thank you.

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