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Multiple Project with ProjectLink


Multiple Project with ProjectLink

Looking for solutions as to how you use ProjectLink to manage multiple projects and relevant resource allocation. Using MS Project as a potential link to a solution? Using MS Excel to gather ProjectLink info to rationalize resource allocation?

Eventual solution is to get a resource allocation chart so a PD manager can see where his resources are used across projects as well as make decisions on who is available for his next project getting underway.


I've never seen it working but PTC has an official product for that named
PPMLink, only works integrated with MS Project Server.

I believe that they are cancelling PPMLink.

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Have you tried collecting them into Programs?


PPMLink is dead moving forward. We have done this via the following:

1- We have our own integrated ProjectDashboard (very sexy) that is filterable etc

2- We setup multiple projects and can tie them to Programs of course (OOTB functionality)

3- The resource management isn't OOTB but we develop Cognos reports for this. This helps with scheduling/allocation/over-allocation etc

4- ProjectLink is integrated into MS Project so you can import/export projects easily (very easy in newer versions)

It would be nice to see the example of custom reports of resources. Over-allocation would be very usefull as a OOTB function.

Bob, I have tried the programs view but it still does not give me resource allocation as it does not collect all info for each resource across projects. But I believe if I export the program of projects or just multiple projects into MS Project or Excel, I might be able to get what I want but there will be some work to be done on the MS Project side as well as the Excel side of things to aggregate the info that is exported from ProjectLink...