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Adding wires to subharness


Adding wires to subharness

I'm working on a larger harness, and am trying to use the subharness functionallity to speed flattening. I started with just the network, and that worked good to flatten most of the harness. I have my network stop about an inch from the connectors, to let the wires jump to their appropriate entry port. Therefore, the connectors do not come in, in my flattened subharness, as I don't go all the way to the connector.

I thought I would pick one wire for each connector to be added to the subharness, but I can't pick wires from the screen to add to the subharness, from what I see. I have to pick them from the menu, and that is a very long list, in no order. Any suggestion to doing this better?


Jeff Roeber

Applied Engineering

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Dear Jeff

I dont know whats your requirement .But i can suggest you a different solution. Hope this should work out .I would suggest you to route a seperate wire manually with negligible wire dia (say 0.001 mm) from connector to connector or fromconnector to Splice whatever the case may be .Create a tape feature at the junctions (from where the wire splits).Name the wires properly.This will reduce the number of wires which you need to handle in subharness.

For example Lets assume you have a harness which consists ofthree 2 Pin connectors namely C1,C2 and C3and one splice S1.And assume that the arrangement is like shown in fig.1.Create a tape feature before the splice at the network location and name this tape feature as N1.Create wires with neligible dia (0.001 mm) .In the example shown,we need4 wires.Name it like C1-N1,N1-S1,N1-C2 and N1-C3.Start routing the wire C1-N1 manually from entry port of C1 to N1.Then again you route N1 to S1, N1-C2 and N1-C3 by picking up the network locations.Dont forget to route wirestill the entry port of the connectors or splices at the end. Otherwise connector wont appear in the manufacturing. this will drastically reduce the number of wires whichare required to be added to the subharness and selection is easy while selecting it from the menu (all wires starting with N will appear together).

For more clarification see the attachements Fig1 and Fig2.

Get back to me if further clarifications required.

Dear Jeff,
I am extremely sorry. I couldnt reply to your mail early due to some
technical problem with my computer.
For tape feature i dont remeber the exact value.Put minimum value for radius
and turns = 2. it expands after the wires are routed.Will let you soon the
exact value.

Slow or fast regeneration depends upon your computer
configuration.Ifpossible use minimum 4 GB RAM machine ( best will be
HP Workstation).

Anyway, before routing wires you should use the method what i have
suggested.All wires with negligible dia should start or end at the tape
feature (Nodes). Then you should go for
manufacturing. Afterwards only you go for routing of the wires (i hope you
are auto-routing the wires).
This way you can work fast and it will save of time.

The advantage of neutral wire is that it wont be visible in thick cable mode
and will be visible only in centerline mode.So it does not effect the model.

I have done many harnesses with more than 300 wires. And this method really

On 11/26/07, Jeffrey Roeber <-> wrote:
> Rajeev,
> Whats the value of the tape feature? couldn't you just route up to a
> location?
> Seems like harnesses over 200 wires are very slow at regenerating.
> Jeff
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