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RE: select: pick vs. query


RE: select: pick vs. query

I guess I needed to give an example:

For instance, in drafting mode, I have a view with an assembly that has
sub-assemblies. There are certain sub-assemblies that I do not want shown,
I use the pulldown: View>Drawing Display>Component Display.

If I pick the on the sub-assembly that I want to hide, pro/e chooses one of
the sub-assembly components, I need to query select to get the whole
sub-assembly. So I right mouse button, select query, then re-select the
sub-assembly, etc.... What I was trying to say earlier, is that sometimes
I right mouse button, the pick and query options are grayed out. I cannot
not select query and it is always defaulted to pick. Can I always have it
default to query all the time and choose pick when I need too?

Now the options grayed out I am sure are another issue, everything else
seems to work, and changing windows, restarting pro/e works sometimes to
allow me to make those selections, but if I could just query all the time
(not the preselection highlighting) this bug wouldn't be so bothersome.

Thanks again

Michael Wahl
Product Development Engineer
External Fixation
610-719-6500 x6913

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