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RSD: Import Global Properties using .csv


RSD: Import Global Properties using .csv


First off, I create my .csv files in Excel (doing a SaveAs to the .csv format).

Second, I frequently have 100+ values in my Value List (which is used for Signal Names). This high number of values seems to cause a problem when importing the .csv into RSD's Global Properties. Actually, I believe the problem is the number of characters; not the number of Values. During import, I receive this error:

Import error:Error at line 3 in stdin:
No terminating quote in field 6

It seems to me that my very long list of Values is getting truncated during importation and thus the "terminating quote" (which is the "]" character, I believe) does not get read and thus appears to be missing -- though it is indeed in my .csv file.

When I shorten my list of Values (for example, to less than 50 Values), the import error does not occur. That's what leads me to believe the problem is due to the number of Values/characters in the .csv file.

Can anyone confirm this apparent limitation in .csv files when importing into RSD's Global Properties?

MY WORKAROUND (sort of...)

To work around this apparent limitatin, I create two different .csv files for importation. The first .csv file contains, for example, my first 50 Values. The second .csv file contains the second 50 Values. Then I import the two different .csv files and create two different Globabl Properties.

The only problem with that is that I do end up with two different Global Properties when I'd prefer just one.


I wish that I could import the first .csv file to create a Global Property, then import the second .csv file to APPEND the Value List of the same Global Property.

In case you've ever tried this, it doesn't work. Instead of APPENDING the Value List, importing a second .csv with the same Property Name REPLACES the Value List of the Global Property with the new Values contained in the second .csv file. Bummer.

Does anyone know of a working method for APPENDING the Value List of an existing Global Property?

Mucho thanks.

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