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Ray Tracing(?)


Ray Tracing(?)

Good morning.
I have a project in which we want to show the shading or occlusion effect of
one component on the field of view of another. For example, I might have a
point source lamp producing a cone of light, placed on the upper surface of
a part. How can I show the visibility or otherwise of that light cone from
various viewing points around the part?
I imagine I could just place a light and render the thing, but in my
(limited) experience, placing lights is a bit hit and miss and whenever the
view point is changed the render is lost and has to be re-done.
Is there a slick way to do this?
I want to produce some views for a powerpoint, and I would also like to be
able to show it in Pro/E as I rotate the view.

WF2, m220


Let me know if you figured out how to do this.  I have a similar application and want to model a "cone of light".

I have a similar need, but would like to place the light inside a CREO assembly and see what light radiates out of that assembly.  Does CREO have the ability to do this?  If not, does anyone have any suggestions?


Not exactly what you are looking for, but the attached PTC/User presentation might be useful for other people that stumble across this thread.