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Re:- RE: Drawing Formats in WF2.0


Re:- RE: Drawing Formats in WF2.0

The format (.fmt) is embedded into the drawing (.drw) file when the drawing
is saved. Changes to the format AFTER the drawing has been saved will NOT be
reflected on existing drawings when they are retrieved. Only new drawings
will use the revised format. You must manually replace the old format
version with the new version to get the changes. This process does require
the old format be removed from session before bringing in the new version.
The format is downloaded to your workspace with the drawing in Intralink or
PDMlink, but the drawing is only using the format as a reference and does
not get updated to the latest format version.

For this reason, my old employer decided to use a version number on the end
of the format file name so we would know which files used the latest format.
Original format name: rd-a4-wc.fmt
Revision 1: rd-a4-wc1.fmt
Revision 2: rd-a4-wc2.fmt

This makes it easier to see which files use the latest format as well as
easier to replace the new version without having to remove the old version
from session memory.

If there is a setting that would allow the latest format to be used when a
drawing is retrieved, I would like to know about it.

Ben Loosli
Sr IS Technologist
L-3 Communications
Integrated Systems
Waco, TX 76715

254-867-4069 Office
254-714-4189 Pager


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