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Summary: Convert Units: relations


Summary: Convert Units: relations

Hello again. Thank you for all the responses.

It seems that a few people are looking for the answer on this.

Terry Partridge tells us that WF 3.0 may have this ability.
Thanks to Caleb Coburn and Dave Fitz who got closest to what I was actually asking.

So here goes, a paraphrase:

1. Create a datum plane offset from one of the original planes.
2. Rename the offset dimension to CONVERT.
3. Set the distance of CONVERT to 1 (for those starting in inches).
4. Write a relation that makes use of the convert dimension.
5. Example:
d4 = d4=20(length of rectangle)
d3=d4-10(width of rectangle)
Using the CONVERT variable for unit correction
This way, all relations will be updated automatically when the part is converted from inches to metric.
6. Change CONVERT datum plane to Read Only (Edit > Read Only). This may help protect the feature from unwanted changes by the user.
7. You may also be able to write:
IF CONVERT == 25.4
WEIGHT = MP_MASS(")/2.2046
I haven't tried this, so I don't know if it works...

Thanks again for the help.

-- "" <> wrote:

Hey all,

Is there any way to convert relations when you switch units in pro/E?

I have some relations in a feature that are based on inches. When I convert to mm, the relations do not get changed and things fall apart.

Any ideas?

(WF 2.0, M090)


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You could make sketched datum curves of the desired lengths and use those
dimensions in the relations.
These will be rescaled by the units change.

Sort of an odd way to do so, but until the engineering software writers
(including the Redmondians and their Excellent products) finally include
units as an integral part of numeric values, it's the best that can be done.

Dave S.
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