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Summary2: solid component w/o hidden lines


Summary2: solid component w/o hidden lines

Summary 2 of 2

My solution was to set the Component display style to <phantomtrnsp> on
the outer component (the component that all the others are inside of).
It was View> drawing display> Component Display> style> PhantomTrnsp:
Having the outer part set to transparent was the only way to get the
hidden components to show as up in solid lines, that also allowed me to
set the "HLR" for those components to have "their" internal hidden lines
removed as well.

Although this isn't what I started out to find, I think this looks
better than what I wanted.

Thanks Gang.


The responses are below.

1) Are you doing this in a drawing or in the model space?

Also, can you clarify how you wan the cylinder to appear? The internal
parts you want as solid, no hidden; how do you want the cylinder to

2.) If you're talking about just getting a screen shot then you would
use a Display Style (in the View Manager). When you are defining (or
redefining) the style, click on the Show tab and select whatever display
style you want for each/any component.


4.) Use the Style function in the View manager.
You can create a style that sets a display setting to individual
components that will over-ride the environment display while in that

5.) Unless there is another way that I don't know about the styles can
not be applied to the drawing

6.) It appears you're trying to create a technical illustration. PTC's
Arbortext IsoDraw it the special tool that automatically creates what it
appears you're trying to do.

7.) You haven't mentioned a local section, but from your description of
your needs, it sounds like it may work. - I didn't try this one - but I
like the approach.

8.) Tracy, Have you tried to set the component to a different hlr

View/Drawing display/component display/HLR display (picked view)/(pick

This will allow that part to be in hidden line mode, even when the view
is not.

9.) If you don't mind your exterior part being shown in phantom style,
you can use View/Drawing Display/Component Display to set the outer part
as Phantom Transparent and then you can see all of the internal
components as if the outer part wasn't there (hidden lines hidden,
outside lines showing).

Or you could use View/Drawing Display/Edge Display and use wireframe and
pick the edges of the parts that you want shown solid. That may require
less picks than selecting all of the hidden lines to blank.

10) I believe you are looking to change the component display in an
assembly. Below is the technique from the Pro-E help menu (see attached

To Modify the Line Style of Assembly Members

Click View > Drawing Display > Component Display. The menu manager

Select the assembly components. Click OK in the confirmation box. The
Memb Style menu opens.

Change the style by selecting a command:

Standard-Displays the selected member view in solid line style.

PhantomOpque-Displays the selected member view in phantom line style.

PhantomTrnsp-Displays the selected member view in phantom line style,
but the hidden line removal process does not affect it.

User Color-Creates a user-defined color and assigns it to an assembly

Click Done.

Another option is to blank components that do not need to be displayed
in the drawing view. View -> Drawing Display -> Component Display - then
select "BLANK" from the menu, and select the component to exclude. The
hidden component(s) can later be unblanked if needed.

11.)Maybe I don't understand your situation fully, but in WF III, in
drawing mode, go to the menu picks:

There you have several options:

HLR Display




This should let you set the components / sub-ass'ys to display in a
drawing as you wish

12.) About all I could find is this if you go to VIEW menu select
Drawing Display then Componet display there it will

Allow you to show the componets in a phantom line but not a solid line.
The only other option is to do the hidden

Line removal tool. Which I don't think is what you want

13.)Tracy, you may or may not know that there is another selection in
the Edge display menu that you can use. You may have already tried this
but in case you have not or are not familiar with this I will share.

If there are too many hidden lines to remove then, instead of doing a
hidden line removal, select "Tan Solid" and only select the component
parameter entities. The process is the same as removing lines except you
select the lines you want to keep.

14.)I believe if you go to "view-drawing display-component display", it
gives the option of changing the hidden line removal status of the
individual components. Fiddle with that to get what you want. I've done
it before and it works well. If you set the actual view display to "no
hidden", then change the clear cylinder to hidden, all of the other
components show up, and allow you to do what you wish. Another
alternative is to go and change the cylinder to "phantom transparent"
display style. Play around in that menu. That's where you want to be.
Individually picking lines (as you describe) is probably the longest,
most arduous solution. Using view manager yields much the same result as
going in the component display, but I find it more problematic.

15.) Actually Tracy, they are correct in using the style choice under
view/drawing display/component display/style. This will allow you to
choose on on line type you need for the subassy. Then you can select
view/drawing display/edge display to help erase any lines not wanted.

16.)I would set your view to no hidden and then try under view, drawing
display, component display - see what options you have for changing the
outside part - I don't have an assy up to see what is available.

17.) Have you tried Style States in the View Manager? Not sure if you
can reproduce exactly what you were looking for, but you can set the
view state of individual components to create some neat views.

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