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Using engineering part with ProMan


Using engineering part with ProMan

How is everyone using the finished engineering model with ProMan? Our manufacturing guys do not use theengineering model with ProMan, they are creating separate models based off the finished part print for each machining operation (because grind stock etc. needs to be added) which leaves a complete disconnect between the engineering model and the manufacturing model.

Are you using Inheritance Features? Merged models with added grind stock? ProProcess?

Any comments are welcome, we are waisting time!

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Hi Steve,

You are wasting time for sure...

I worked with Inheritance and it works like a charm... I don´t see why you could not work with the finished part and use material removal features to shape the workpiece along the steps...


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You are passing up two of the most compelling reasons to use Pro/Man.
You are losing associativity, and time is lost by modeling a part that
somebody already modeled.

Like you, we have parts with multiple operations, grind stock, hone
stock, welded assemblies, castings, and, finish machining after
heat-treatments, coatings, plating, etc. We are a captive machine shop
doing both prototype and production work, this means lots of design
revisions and process improvements.

Whenever possible, we work directly to the Engineering Models and use
Inheritance Features when we need more flexibility without losing

We have more than 2,300 different Pro/Man machining (.mfg) assemblies
and almost never see situations that would benefit from re-modeling
reference parts from scratch.


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We usually just use the actual design part as the reference part. You can also use an inheritance part. Either way you definitely don’t want to be re-creating the part just to use it in NC. That flies in the face of the technology. The benefit to using Pro/E for design and NC is that there is a direct connection between the two with no translation and therefore much less opportunity for error etc...
We are using I’link 3.4 and we have it set up so NC users can place the design part into their NC assembly etc… but they cannot edit. They only have modify permissions on the NC files. You probably need to set something like that up. If you want your NC people to be able to make some tweaks that don’t really have anything to do with the design of the part it sounds like inheritance would be worth trying. Otherwise for things like grind stock just punch it in the parameters for the sequences. You have bottom_stock_allowance, rough_stock_allowance, profile_stock_allowance, etc… We leave grind stock on things all the time without needing to edit any geometry.
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