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alternative mass properties help


alternative mass properties help

I have been assigned the task of ensuring that reported weights on our
top-level assemblies are reporting correctly on the drawings.

One of the things I have been working on is alternative mass properties for
purchased components - for example, we make trailers, and we buy the tires &
wheels as a tire & wheel assembly, and so we do not model it fully - it's a
de-featured solid just to give a good representation on the drawing.

Up until now, we've been calculating the weight this way: we find the actual
weight of the component, run a mass props to find the volume, and then
adjust the density so that when the mass props are calculated, they come out
right. This is a pain, and I would love to be able to add the actual weight
straight into my family table.

Our top level assemblies use the parameter relation POUNDS = PRO_MP_MASS to
calculate the mass & report it on drawings & in the Intralink viewer.

I've been playing around with alternative mass properties, and here's the
issue I'm having: I have added PRO_MP_ALT_MASS to my tire & wheel family
table, and set PRO_MP_SOURCE to PARAMETERS for the tire & wheel assembly.
So far, so good - I can enter the actual assembly weight in the family
table, which is what I want.

However, when I switch to the top-level assembly, the reported mass
properties still shows the old value, not the new alternative mass value.

My question is this: is it possible to set up an alternate mass property in
my component family table such that the correct value trickles up to the
top-level assembly PRO_MP_MASS, without having to change anything in the
top-level assembly?


Lyle Beidler
178 Muddy Creek Church Rd
Denver PA 17517
Fax 717-336-0514
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Welcome to assigned mass insanity in Pro|E. You can assign a part or
assy a mass, great for exactly what you're doing. Pro|E will then use
that assigned mass in relations, for example, if you set a custom
parameter to equal the mass like MASS = PRO_MP_MASS. So far, so good,

However, if you run a mass props analysis manually, Pro|E will default
to using the geometry rather than the mass you assigned. Take a look
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

We use a parameter called "MASS" and a post-regeneration relation of "MASS = PRO_MP_MASS".
These are two 10x10x5 blocks. The one on the left has steel assigned as a material and the one on the right has a density of 1.00 and an assigned weight of 15.00 lbs.
The assembly mass parameter shows the computed weight of the left block and the assigned weight of the right block. If I run massprops, it uses the computed weight of both, but the MASS parameter is correct. (see pictures)



Hope this helps,

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