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need info on software selection


need info on software selection


I need some quick information to help our test engineering select some
software. They want something to document their schematics for test
fixtures, boxes etc. They want a package that has a built in library of
connectors, plugs, switches etc. They purchase stock mechanical hardware
and wire it the way they want. We also will design the fixture and we use
Pro for that. We do not use cabling, although we do have it, in their test
equipment in pro. Documenting the routing is not as important as the
schematic. These are pretty much one off items and can be routed any which way.

Will RSD lite, which we have but have not loaded, work for us? Since we
have it and it was free the cost is great plus we could route cables in pro
if we wanted. Would we need to upgrade to full RSD? If so what is the cost?

Is there another package that would better suit the needs in the PTC
inventory or should we look elsewhere?


John Scranton
Sr Design Engineer
Ultra Electronics
Undersea Sensor Systems, Inc. (USSI)
4578 East Park 30 Drive
Columbia City, IN 46725-8869

Phone: (260) 248-3576
Fax: (260) 248-3509
email: -
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