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solid component w/o hidden lines


solid component w/o hidden lines


Is there a way to show an ASM component that is inside another part as solid Lines; <u>but I also need that component to have its hidden lines removed</u>.

This is probably really basic, but I’m just not finding it. The messages in the dashboard aren’t helpful. In fact they are a little confusing. The assembly is a clear cylinder with several small parts in it. The parts have lots of internal geometry but I don’t need to see it in the drawing. I would like to show these components as a solid item within that assembly, but don’t necessarily want to see their internal Hidden lines.

wf 2.0 m260

Thank you


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Summary part 1:

Got some responses -

I think there is some confusion on whether I'm working in the model or
in a drawing.

Some people are asking. I'm actually working in a drawing.

So the re-cap is this: I want to show in a drawing, some
"hidden" assembly components using solid lines with their hidden feature
(hidden lines) removed.

There were some suggestions to use the style tool in the
view manager.

I haven't gotten a chance to try that yet. - My gut feeling is that the
style settings have no precedent in the drawing.

The only other suggestion was to single line remove each
hidden line that I don't want.

I have done this in the past, but there are many, many of them. This is
not my preferred method but it may be the best option.

If anyone has additional input on whether the view manager style tool
will yield the drawing views we need; then I could really use the help.
In the mean time I'll try make time to check it, note my findings, and
get back to you.

Thank you - all


Tracy Willis

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