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3rd party illustrating software


3rd party illustrating software


I'm looking for a software that would help me write manuals.

I can't invest in Creo Illustrate at this time and it's "only" for making few but nice drawings and pictures.

I've found Lattice3D that seems to do what I want (not sure).

Are there some other affordable softwares like this ?



And what you want to realize/see in your planned manual?

Just some wireframe and rendered illustrations like Creo Illustrate does.

Hi, try to use our power viewer 3DViewStation Desktop, from KISTERS Ag company, from Germany. Or,

Our company is authorized reseller for Slovak and Czech republic, please contact us.


Sounds a bit "overkill" to invest and learn new software only "for making few but nice drawings and pictures"

Im thinking that using standard Creo functions like rendering, exploded views etc. will get you a long way.

Heck, even Creo View has a lot of functions for making great illustrations.

Combined with some type of freeware Adobe Illustrator/Corel Draw clone and your good to go.

For 3D you can render in Creo or use KeyShot. For wireframe, export the drawing views to dxf and illustrate with Inkscape, which is the freeware I use.


Inkscape is cool! Thanks for the recommendation Fernao!

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