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CreoView MCAD start directly query.xml


CreoView MCAD start directly query.xml

Hello everyone,


We are creating a Searchquerydict.xml in the path %appdata%\PTC\ProductView with the help of an excel VBA marko similar the one that can be found here:


The idea is to directly load only a certain amount of children of their "mother" model when starting CreoView. 


With the marko/the .xml  we can predefine a MCAD search but we still have to start the search manually by starting the MCAD search and selecting the saved query.


As an example of the search we want to predefine please see the attached picture. 





One the possible option is to Create search group using Saved Search Queries. Activation of search group display components refered by respective search query.  


if you are using Windchill then these groups are also stored at windchill for direct access. 


Refer below Creo View help topic for more info

  1.  About MCAD Groups (
  2. To Create a Search Group ( 

or learning connector video Work with Search Groups | Tutorial | PTC Learning Connector

Thanks for the hint. I already knew the functionality of the shared search groups, that is an alternativ way for us so share these searches without saving the searchquery.xml in the %appdata%\PTC\ProductView  which was created by VBA marco beforehand. 


But it does not really solve my issue.


I will try again and explain a bit further:


1. Designer creates CAD.asm + BOM 

2. CAD worker creates .pvz

3. Production operator starts .pvz from windchill via MES with the goal to only display 50% of the initial .asm/BOM

4. Production operator creates search (or starts a shared search group)

--> manual handling needed for the operator! NOK


Goal is: 

1. MES knows which part of the BOM needs to be displayed in CreoView 

2. MES creates searchquery.xml so only the 50% of the BOM will be saved in a search 

3. MES calls link from windchill that starts creoview with the .pvz 

4. .pvz is loaded and the searchquery.xml is directly started - found items will be displayed nothing else  



We can solve steps 1-3 without any issues. Our problem at the moment is step 4, so starting CreoView and directly doing a search + displaying only found items is the issue. 





Hi Tobias,


If mapkeys in Creo View were possible (similar way to Creo Parametric does) , you could open Creo view and with a keyboard shortcut you could directly load your SearchQuery.xml




thank you

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