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Does anyone know when CreoView will be available on Android platform


Does anyone know when CreoView will be available on Android platform

Hi All

just wondering if there is any more news on this release for the Android platform

many thanks



Hi Dave,

My name is Barton Fiske and I'm the new PM for CreoView - I joined PTC in April of 2014, replacing Madhavi Ramesh. This same question has been asked and recently addressed on the LinkedIn Creo View group, and for which I've provided some updates on where we're at with mobile platform development.

Below is the excerpt of my reply-post to the original thread:

Barton Fiske

From: Barton Fiske

Director of Visualization Solutions Management at PTC

Hello - please allow me to introduce myself as I've not previously posted in this thread. My name is Barton Fiske ( ) and following Madhavi's departure at the start of 2014 from PTC to found her company Punditas, I'm very pleased to be joining PTC as the new solution director for Enterprise Validation and Review - which includes product management responsibilities for Creo View MCAD.

At this year's PTC Live Global in Boston last June, during the PTC/Customer joint Technical Committee sessions, this topic was also raised - specifically about Android support. As Madhavi indicated, it is on our list of potential future projects. What I can state at this time as we're clear on the demand from the customer base and community about wanting an Android version of the current Creo View iOS mobile app. What we are working on at the moment is to scope how much effort this would require, and what is the right feature/function balance for a mobile platform implementation?

Moreover, we also realize it is unlikely that a first generation mobile app out of the gate will satisfy everyone's needs - given the higly variable roles and responsibilities of people that need a solution such as Creo View.

One possibility we're evaluating is not necessarily to attempt to deliver an end/all be/all mobile app, rather an API toolkit and (possibly) role based reference apps that would allow customers and the mobile app developer community to develop their own apps and more rapidly serve the above needs - and with more precision between what a specific class of user needs, and what apps on these platforms can do well.

It's also clear that when considering the mobile device space for 3d/2d viewing/markup applications, there are signficant usability considerations when developing for a tablet vs. a smart-phone (or even a watch/micro-mobile) - and then further consider there are technically 3 viable OS platforms (Android, iOS & Microsoft) for each class of device.

In this regard, what might on the surface seem a simple and obvious choice becomes more complex when perhaps at most one or two of those choices will ultimately resonate well with the user base and succeed in terms of adoption and demand.

I realize the above doesn't answer the question: "When Android?" so to at least address that, there is no date at this time. I invite anyone who would like to discuss this in greater detail to email me @ -.

Thanks to all above for the comments to date and your continued interest in this topic.

Barton Fiske

Congratulations Barton,

Soon you will have accomplished nothing in two years time. #beproud

The ONLY app in the Google App Store is still the PTC Creo Showcase, which is only for PTC employees and resellers.

Good job...good job!


Let's hope Barton doesn't work for PTC anymore because in 7 years noting has changed on this. #bemoreproud

23-Emerald IV

I believe @romorrison is the current PM for Creo View.  Maybe he can chime in here.

It seems like I was a bit frustrated at the time 😂


Anyways...5 years later and still no Creo View for Android...


Any new since two years ago?

21-Topaz I

The only reason I can think of why they are not providing an app for Android is because of how splintered Android is.  There are so many different versions and so many different phones.  It might be too hard to make it work on all the different variations.

That is the one thing Apple has going for it.


There are more Android devices than iOS.

SolidWorks has it own edrawing app on Android. Why not PTC?

We Need urgently a creo view mobile app on Android!!

Hello everyone,


I am a great fan of AR and vuforia application, but you know that we can only publish the 10 model(experience) at a time and I want to publish the 11th one , I have to delete any one from the past 10 experiences. 

But if we can have the no real background model viewing capability then it will be great, let say I am travelling and I am in the aeroplane, train, car and I want to see the model/assembly which my designers done then vuforia studio will not help a lot because I will out of space due to travelling. So if we have the capability to view the pvz file in vuforia app offline then it will help a lot.

And this is very important for the manufacturer. Some time it is very tough to compete with solidworks because they have this.


If we are not able to publish offline-no background -files in vuforia then new application will be very useful, almost every software has it like fusion 360, onshape, SolidWorks, solidedge.



Several articles regarding Android support:

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