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Help with Flexible Dimensions


Help with Flexible Dimensions



I think we may have stumped PTC on this one, so I'm turning to you guys. We have assy's that use hundreds of occurrences of a flexible model. In the end, we like to determine the total length of the models req'd for the assembly. So far, we've managed to show each length for each occurence by writing a short relation. Trouble is, that relation is dependent upon the session ID of each component, so it becomes a manual and unrealistic endeavor. I hope the attached graphic of a simplified example is enough to describe what we're trying to do, and illustrate the problem.


Thanks for any pointers. This HAS to be possible!




My fallback for things like this is to get the total volume and divide by the section area.

I think a simplified rep by rule would work to gather only the extrusions; I'm away from software so I'm guessing the measure tool will gather the volume based on a simplified rep.



Because this is such a simplistic answer, I'm not sure of the value it may have in the real situation you're trying to solve. Here is what I did.

Create one FLEX_PART.PRT similar to your attached graphic.

Assembled it three times into an assembly. Made each one flexible, similar to what you've done, with lengths of 5, 10, 12.

In the Analysis tab, pick Measure > Summary.

Pick the corner edge of each of the three FLEX_PART, as shown here:


Pick the Save icon from the Measure: Summary window. (You can see the Curve Length is correct based on the flexible values I chose for these parts.)


Pick the OK button to make it a feature in the model tree.

From there you can mine information about what the total length is in case it needs to be put into a parameter or displayed in some other way. Check out CS21844<.">>.

I'm pretty sure you can do the same thing with, for example, pipe centerlines.
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