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Photos into Creo Illustrate 3 Drawing?


Photos into Creo Illustrate 3 Drawing?

Is it possible to bring a photograph into a Creo Illustrate 3 drawing?

Can a photo be saved into some format such that it can be imported into a Creo Illustrate drawing? If so, when you want to use the photo (for example, to clarify a procedural step), all the other items in the sBOM could be hidden and the photo made visible. The rest of the time, the photo could be kept hidden.

Anyone try something like this? Any success or ideas?

Thanks in advance,

Tom Burton

Zebra Technologies

p.s. --- Does PTC monitor these Community boards? They used to answer at least some of the questions, but recently they don't seem to be present.



I'm having the same question.

Did you found any answer in the meanwhile?

gr. Koen

Here's sort of a solution:

Take the picture. In Photoshop, I made it into PNG format. I gave it a white background. I added a text layer for text, arrows, and other additional stuff. (You'll need to use LOTS of trial and error to figure out what sizes work best for you!). Save as a PNG (I generally use something like 150 dpi resolution, but this is probably overkill.), naming it with a name that will make sense (for example, use "main_pcb.png" rather than "photo1.png")

In Creo Illustrate, go into Options / Global / Model / Symbols; then Add and add your photo (I made a new category called photos to keep track of them.)

In your Illustration, create a new figure, go to symbols and select your photo. (To get the size you want, go back to the beginning and change it in Photoshop.)

It's not elegant, but it works! (For Animations or Sequences, you can use the Visibility settings to make it appear and disappear when you want.)

Hope this helps.

- Tom

this helps me alot.

thanks for your time to explain