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Cursor snap settings


Cursor snap settings

Fellow Detailers:

Does anyone know of a setting (or lack thereof) in Pro that would cause the
snap grid to behave erratically? Since upgrading to Wildfire, we have found
that different detail items set with the snap turned on often do not line up
on the same grid, and that if an item placed with the snap is moved, it
won't necessarily be on the same grid it was on when first placed. We have
witnessed this behavior in Wildfire builds M140 and M160, with a number of
different graphics cards, and it appears to be totally random. Also, turning
off "snap to snap lines" has no effect on the snap grid behavior.

I'm not looking for alternative ways to place detail items; I'm well aware
of the various options. Has anyone else noticed this problem, and come up
with a way to make the grid snap function correctly?

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