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Feature failed without warning notice


Feature failed without warning notice

Good morning Pro/e users, I have been working with PTC help desk on an issue
that appears to be to difficult for the help desk to answer.

At our company we create many weldments using the top down design approach.
We create a finished machine model, insert this into a assy., then we add an
individual .prt for each weld plate. After completing the weldment we simply
detail the weldment assy, layering off the machine part in the drawing. We
also have a relation that removes the weight of the machine part so that we
get a correct weldment weight. We have been doing this approach for over 10
years now and have had no problems up till now. We had a new division added
to our company with a few rookie operators (that are gone now) that messed
up a few models.

The problem that we are having is we now have a number of weld plate models
with features that have a partially frozen features according to the
"status" column in the model tree. The item is only marked partially frozen
when the config setting "freeze_failed_assy_comp" is set to yes. If you have
this config setting set to no your model tree states that everything is
regenerated (see attached model tree doc.)

If you redefine the protrusion marked partially frozen feature you get a
message that states "the feature has external references press ok to
remove). I like the idea of getting this message if the part is truly messed
up. The problem that I'm having with these partially frozen features is that
I don't get the warning message at all unless I redefine the plate with the
problem. Our normal config setting for "freeze_failed_assy_comp" is set to
no because according to the definition given by PTC the component placement
must be fixed if it's placement can not be found.

In times past prior to wildfire if you had a feature that failed you had to
fix the problem. Is there a config setting that turns off the ability to
freeze a part or feature? I want to be forced to fix the problem.

Thanks in Advance
Curtis Smith
Aida America

<<model tree.doc=">>

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