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Licensing Issue


Licensing Issue

Hello all

I am in the process of reinstalling ProE and Flexnet on a laptop which
needed a replacement hard drive and hence full re-installation of

Now I am having troubles with the installation of the license

Here is my error message from the log file:

Displaying status for license file: 7788@nmc0029

License Server: nmc0029

Warning (-97): The desired vendor daemon is down.

Check the lmgrd log file, or try lmreread.

Feature: 127

Vendor:Host: nmc0029

License path: 7788@nmc0029

FLEXnet Licensing error:-97,121

For further information, refer to the FLEXnet Licensing End User Guide,

available at "".

License In Use Free

------- ------ ----

Mechanism_Design* Counted

PROE_FoundationAdv Counted

I easily installed the original licensing without error but now, after
the full reinstall of the OS etc, I can't seem to get this to work.

I found out later that the user attempted to install UG which also uses
Flex so I uninstalled all PTC and UG products and started fresh, but to
no avail.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated



Paul Mailloux

Cad/Cam Applications Engineer

NyproMold Inc

144 Pleasant Street

Clinton MA 01510

Phone: (978) 368 - 4598

Fax: (978) 365 - 4548 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________...

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You might want to check your license file to see what the file is
"keyed" to. I don't have the FlexLM manuals in front of me (to check
the -97,121 codes), but from what I have seen elsewhere, the license
file might be keyed to the old systems disk drive. In the Windows
environment it is possible to do that instead of the more common (under
UNIX anyway) Mac Address. If that is the case, you will need to obtain
a new license file from PTC.

Try running the commands on the new machine to obtain the LMHOST
information and compare that to the information in the current license
file. Hopefully that will reveal something useful.

--Jim Augeri

MCAD Tool Support - Engineering Quality and Tools (EQT)

Honeywell Aerospace

9201 San Mateo Blvd. (MS B-3)

Albuquerque, NM 87113

Phone - 505.828.5808

Fax - 505.828.5500

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