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Manikin save warning (AND PTC/USER!)

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Manikin save warning (AND PTC/USER!)

David, Edwin, Eric, Christopher, Doug, and others...

Thanks for the feedback on the Manikin Lite restriction. I'm working on
my presentation at PTC/USER, and one of the things that I will mention
there is that we're in the process of removing this limitation. I
figured I would let all of you know that this change will most likely
appear in Pro/E Wildfire 4.0 M110 later this summer.

I apologize for the lost work and productivity that you might have
suffered because of this limitation. We expected the message to be
clear, but it obviously wasn't, so we will be removing the limitation
entirely. This means there will be no artificial limits on your typical
file operations when you insert the trial version of a manikin.

Hopefully this addresses the majority of your concerns.

I look forward to seeing many of you in Orlando next week at PTC/USER.
If you are unable to attend, but are interested in "following along",
there are a lot of great ways to do so this year. While I wouldn't
guarantee that we will match the quality of the posts we used to get
from Peter Nurkse back in the day (Hello, Peter, if you're out there!),
there will be many folks, including myself, tweeting and blogging from

You can view my blog here
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