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Merge Command - Where did it go?


Merge Command - Where did it go?

We are on WF3 M210. There use to be a way to merge 2 parts in assembly
and then just have the 2nd part have all the info that 1st part had plus
it would be updated every time it was modified in pre-WF days. Does
anyone know how to do this in WF?

I looked at the menu mapper and I can't find the old command as well it
was under advanced utilities and then the command was merge.

This is the steps I had taken to do this:

1. Create part to merge in interlink not from pro-e itself.
2. Create a new assembly in pro-e, name it whatever default is
3. Component > Assemble > then chose the new part that is empty.
4. Constrain by Cord Sys or if not Cord then use align.
5. Component > Assemble > then chose the original part.
6. Constrain by Cord Sys or if not Cord then use align.
7. Model Tree you will see 2 parts if done correctly.
8. Advanced Utilities > Merge
9. Pick on the empty part first then Done, Select
10. Then pick the original Model
11. Keep references and copy datum's > Done
12. Always detach part from assembly. Pick Yes
13. Then delete the assembly

Rick LyBarger Jr.

Husky Corporation

2325 Husky Way

Pacific, Mo 63069


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