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Mirroring problems


Mirroring problems

Ok, here's one for you folks ....

I have a part that is mirrored about the SIDE plane by selecting the
name of the part at the top of the model tree, then selecting SIDE right
below it from the model tree. The mirror is the last feature in the
tree. It was fine for quite a while. Then, I changed something very
early in the model tree, causing some failures, and resolved everything.
When the mirror regenerates, it says "WARNING: Unattached MIRROR_1 was
detected." The mirror still works, but now there is a line down the
center of the part, like a seam. It is not two lines, so I'm pretty sure
it isn't a gap. I am 99.9% sure that I haven't changed anything to cause
the part to cross the side plane or move away from it.

As I investigate, I find that it will mirror properly earlier in the
model tree. Using my deductive powers, I narrow it down to one feature:
a totally innocent extruded cut. If I mirror before the cut, I get a
proper mirror (see weird2.jpg). If I mirror after, I get the "seam" (see
weird1.jpg). It is the feature that creates the vertical face in the
pictures. I did not even edit this cut during my failure resolve time.
It does use the side plane as one of it's references/edges, but so do
several other features just like it. I have tried to delete all of the
edges in the sketch and recreate them, but the seam stays.

Any ideas? Anyone seen this before? I could try to delete the entire cut
and recreate it, but I'd rather not lose all of the references to its
children. Plus, I'm curious to know what's causing it. Thanks for your

Nate Venskytis
Schick/Wilkinson Sword
Product Design
(203) 882-2154

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