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Revision block updates


Revision block updates

I was wondering how others update their revision blocks. Ours is a 3 row
5 columns table that has that I have to delete a row out of the table,
insert a row and then use copy and paste as we only keep the last 3
iteration of changes. Comments or ideas would be appreciated.

I am looking for a better way. I will post a summary afterwards. Using
WF 3.0 M210

Rick LyBarger Jr.
Design Draftsman
Husky Corporation
2325 Husky Way
Pacific, Mo 63069
636 825-7221
636 825-7300 Fax

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We have revision block (1 row x 4 columns) info that shows:

Revision letter (no I, O, or Q)

Revision description (as many lines as needed, including ECO number)

Revision initials

Revision Date

All of the above are text parameters that are attached to the part /
assembly, not the drawing.

The drawing calls out these parameters in the drawing format, and in the
revision balloons automagically.

BTW, if you wanted, you could also callout the individual part revision
levels in an assembly BOM, if desired.

We only show the latest revision, because this makes it clear exactly
what changed from the last revision.

Revision description notes are in the format "* was *" i.e. "2.750 WAS
3.250", or "DETAIL WAS ADDED"

Maybe this could also feed some type of ECO / Change control software
(PDM-Link, Windchill?) we don't use it though.

Just my $0.02...

Christopher Gosnell

FPD Company
124 Hidden Valley Road
McMurray, PA 15317
PH: 724.941.5540
FX: 724.941.8322

Hi Rick,
I redid our company formats last year. The previous ones we had replicated the pre-printed sheets of tracing paper from drawing board days and these had five lines of revision space. Back in those times it was important to track the changes that were happening on the physical drawing itself and since I started way back then I understand why this was. We used to fill in the lines from the bottom and if we used all five lines we erased the bottom two and put the sixth issue on the bottom line then kept adding to the next line above this and deleting a line above so there is always one clear line. Was a messy system and I can see why you want to keep the latest at the top and move the other information down.

In the revision block I redid I also (similar to reply by Chris Gosnell) went for one revision on the electronic drawing automatically populated by parameters and notes in the part. The parameters and notes have default text so it is obvious if the part has not been fully set up when the drawing is made and as soon as the part is updated with this information the drawing is updated with no further work. All parts of our title block are now either static information or are filled from the part information and this now includes the tolerance class. Very pleased with the result. If you want further details please let me know.
We keep records of previous drawing releases as PDFs stored in a database so we can always look back but as far as ProE is concerned we only have one drawing file and that is the current one. We do this without any PLM system (yet).

Apart from the sorts of hassles you mention regarding filling in the title block a big part of moving to having only the current issue on the drawing is that I wanted the 3D model to be the master rather than the drawing. There are, of course, other philosophies.

Good luck for getting a solution.

Regards, Brent Drysdale
Regards, Brent Drysdale
Mechanical Designer
Tait Electronics Ltd (
New Zealand
Ph. +64 3 358 1093

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