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SUMMARY: Pro/Program questions


SUMMARY: Pro/Program questions

Thanks to Tyler, J.D., T.J. & Brian!

1) Is there a way to look at information in a string parameter
output/value to create a conditional relation? I've tried to use
"extract", but either haven't figured out the correct syntax or have
misunderstood how to use it. My string parameter name is PPF. The PPF
value can be A1A, B1A, C1A, etc. I want to create a condition in my
program that looks only at position 2 & 3 ("1A") of the PPF string
parameter value. I tried the following relation: PPF_E =
EXTRACT(PPF,2,3). The relations successfully verify, but I get the
following warning: Probable error in function evaluation.

The solution to extract the "1A" from the parameter value C1A for a
conditional statement is

IF EXTRACT (PPF,2,2) == "1A"

2) Is there a line limitation in a drawing program?

I did not receive an answer addressing the number of lines allowed in a
drawing program. Because I received an answer to the first question, I
won't require an answer to the second question. I was not clear in
asking my second question, but Tyler sent me the following information
that others can use.

* Line lengths are 80 characters max (the drawing program just truncates
the line and you can't continue on the next line with "\" like you can
in Pro/Program).

I certainly agree it would be great if the drawing program had the same
functionality of Pro/Program, allowing multi-line conditions. (I know,
submit an enhancement request!)

Thanks again & have a great day!


Krystal Mitchell


(913) 956-3045


(913) 888-9163

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