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SUMMARY: WF2.0 Symbols, offset placement usage


SUMMARY: WF2.0 Symbols, offset placement usage

Thanks everyone who replied.

The first item, placement using "offset", I was missing that it is
actually placed using the middle button. I would feel silly except
every user I work with had the same problem. In 2001 it was placed
using the left button.

The second item, the loss of "new instance" functionality. Everyone
patiently explained to me about how you don't need "repeat" anymore as
it automatically repeats now. However, the usage I am missing is the
ability to select an existing symbol, map-key up the properties, hit
"new instance", edit any needed data, & place it. It was very handy
for balloons, revision callouts, KPCs & other commonly used symbols.
Faster than actually scrolling to select it from the symbol UI.

Again, this could be possibly fixed using the "standard palette"
function. That is if I ever get around to messing with it & adding
all our symbols to it.

Again thanks for all the support!

Joe S.

Original message:

To place a symbol with 2001, it was placed using offset, & then
selecting the object you wanted the symbol attached to.

In WF2.0 M170 it does not seem to let me select offset, I have to 1st
place the symbol then reselect the symbol & select properties, then I
can choose offset & select the object to attach the symbol to.

In 2001 for rev balloons, gages, KPCs, rev blocks, & many other things
it was quite easy to just select a existing symbol (like a rev block),
map key up the properties, then modify a few of the fields, & place it
again (offset or not). Less mouse clicks & time.

In WF2.0, I now have to bring the symbol in, populate ALL of the
fields, then place.

Maybe I am missing something here, but symbol usage appears to be more
clicks/time & trouble than before. Anyone have a solution?

So far, that is my only real complaint about WF2.0. Other than that,
WF2.0 is a major upgrade & I am loving it.

AND THEN a second message:

Let me add to this as I do not think I was clear enough.

1. Offset placement. I can't seem to use it unless I place the
symbol as "free", the get back into it via properties & then select
"offset" & select the object. Then it works, although the symbol
snaps to a different location, never one that I would choose & I have
to more the symbol back to my desired location.

2. The loss of the "repeat instance" function. This I used
constantly as a huge timesaver.

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