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SUMMMARY - centre of gravity in an assy


SUMMMARY - centre of gravity in an assy

Hi all,

I'm trying to create a CSO or point at the COG of my tool assembly (not
using tool design module).

In the mass properties dialog in the feature tab, the datum check boxes
are greyed out and I can't find out how to enable?

Can someone please point me in the correct direction

The real problem occurs because I don't have the AAX extension so I
couldn't use the Pro/E function in Mass Prop.

I had several answers to this question and most of them were a similar
workaround like Ron Rich's answer below - thanks again Ron

I think you need to have the advanced assembly extension to be able to
use that. Here is how you can do it without.

Do a mass prop analysis - on analysis tab select feature from lower left
pull down menu - click eye glasses for preview - click on feature tab at
top - scroll down parameter window and click check boxes for XCOG,
YCOG, ZCOG - click green check mark . You now have a MASS_PROP_XXX
in your model tree as a feature to your assembly.

Next create a CSYS in your assembly relative to the assembly_csys used
for mass prop calculations just put it at a nominal distance from
other csys like 20, 20, 20

Now you need to write a relation to move that newly created csys.
Click Tools menu - select relations option - now you choose the pull
down for feature and select your newly created csys. your relations
will look similar to this but d4:1 and other dimensions might be
different as your assembly may have other dimensions or multiple
assemblies in it.

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