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Simulation Technical Committees


Simulation Technical Committees

Have PTC simulation products reached perfection?

No, I didn't think so either. However, to make the products better PTC
needs your input (users who are on the software on a continual basis) to
drive their development.

We've all seen the growing impact of simulation on product design, and
the importance of having access to easy to use, robust, and capable
analysis tools at our disposal.

I am soliciting for you and your companies to participate in the
PTC/USER simulation technical committee. This committee meets with PTC
product management twice a year to review the state of the product, and
supplies PTC with input concerning strategy and necessary enhancements.

The time commitment is not very large, primarily that of attending the
two annual meetings and contributing to white papers documenting desired
enhancements to the products. The costs include flying to the corporate
offices once a year (the other meeting is held at the PTC/USER
conference) and the associated food/lodging.

This is an invaluable way in which you can understand the future
directions and influence strategy for PTC simulation products.

The next meeting in coming up in Needham (just outside of Boston) the
week of January 17th. This is pretty short notice, but we are hopeful
that we can get some fresh faces interested in having their voices

Solutions covered in this technical committee include MDO, BMX, and
Mechanica, as well as our interfaces to third party solvers such as

If you think you and your company would be interested in participating,
please contact me at -.

Wishing you the best in the New Year,

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John, et. al.,

If my company knew how much time I spend on resolving PTC bugs (isolating, replicating, arguing/fighting with PTC/e-mails/phone calls) it would fire me. If I ask for two round trip plane fares a year and time to write white papers to help PTC resolve it's bugs/issues, I would end up in the obituaries.

I dearly want PTC's products to be better, and would wish to devote whatever time is necessary for such, but my employer doesn't think so, not when we're already paying $70,000 a year in maintenance.

If there were some means of compensation from PTC for the vast amount of time required to help PTC create a more reliable product, my company would jump on it. I've proposed this before without success.

Jeff Richardson


Sim Users,

It's unfortunate that some of you may find yourself spending more time
"isolating, replicating, arguing/fighting with PTC/e-mails/phone calls", as
Jeff Richardson mentioned in an earlier e-mail. I have spent many years
developing and using design and analysis software, that both I and others
have written. I know, first hand, how much effort there is in supporting
engineering software. If it wasn't for the feedback and collaboration I
have with my "internal" customers, my analysis code would not be near what
it is today. I cannot possibly plan for all the situations and uses my
engineers may have for the tool I develop. Without their feedback and help
we would not be recognized as leaders in our field.

PTC is no different. Their developers cannot possibly plan for all the
variations and systems their customers will try to run through the
simulation modules they create. Because of this, we should participate, as
much as possible, in helping them understand how we are trying to use their
software and what we'd like it to do. The "Technical Committees" are a
significant way to accomplish this. Those of you who have had issues and
believe you may have an idea(s) which the simulation developers might
implement to improve the functionality, should consider joining the
Simulation Technical Committee.

As of now, I am aware of just seven (7) people attending next week's Sim TC
meeting. I know there must be more people out there who can contribute
constructively to the cause. The people on the PTC side of things
responsible for the simulation products are great people to work with, and
will listen to our ideas. I should know, as I've worked with them in the
past/present and I can personally tell you that changes have been made
because of my input! These changes did not happen without time spent from
my schedule, so it didn't/won't happen for "free". I'm looking forward to
working with those of you who decide to join our committee toward improving
the simulation tools.



Chris Kaswer
Sr. Analytical Engineer
The Timken Corporation
Automotive - Powertrain
59 Field Street
Torrington, CT 06790-1008
(860) 626-2426 - voice
(860) 496-3638 - fax

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