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Summary: Patterns and unpatterning


Summary: Patterns and unpatterning


Thank you to all who responded. Sorry the summary is delayed, as soon as
I'm about to send the summary my work load spikes, thank goodness it's

The reason I had seen the UNPATTERN option before was that you can unpattern
GROUPS but not plain features. The other option is to change my pattern
from a DIRECTION pattern to a TABLE. Then in the table I can modify each
distance independently. The only issue with the table pattern is that you
can only control one direction. If I pattern the feature vertically I cannot
move the individual features horizontally. Yes I could add a second
direction to the pattern but if I only need one column then I can't do it.
I guess from now on I can either pattern everything, even one feature, in a
group to get the UNPATTERN option or to just redo it all if my pattern
changes. You think they would add the UNPATTERN option for features as
well, but I suppose that would make too much sense. I pasted the original
question and some of the replies below.

Only 9 out of office replies this time, not a lot of traveling going on this
time of year.



I have an assembly in which I have patterned parts in it. Now I want to
remove the pattern but keep the parts where they are. Imagine I am trying
to layout LED's on a board, I pattern them on there, but then later I need
to move a few of the LED's in different directions.
I thought I saw an Unpattern option in my RMB menu once but I can't seem to
locate it this time, it may have been when I was in part mode but I can't
seem to find it in there either. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Wildfire 2.0 M120



Unpattern functionality is available for Group Patterns.

a group pattern you can unpattern and keep the patterned items at it

If you group the parts that are patterened (one group for each pattern),
then pattern, you can then unpattern from this group pattern and the
parts will remain assembled.

You'll need to convert it to a pattern table and then you can edit each
individual item's specific dimensions. Here are the steps:

1. Select Edit Definition on the pattern
2. Select Table from the pattern type and click OK on the warning dialog.
3. Select the Tables menu from the dashboard and right click pick Edit
on the table
4. Edit the dims as needed. Then close the editing window and right
click Apply on the table name. You'll see the black dots for pattern
locations updated.

You can use a pattern table to accomplish this. Edit the definition of the
pattern and find the tab with pattern table in it. Send to pattern table
and the pattern dimensions will be in the table. You can edit each position
individually and not maintain a uniform pattern.

Unpattern is available for patterned groups but I do not believe it is
available for a regular pattern. A potential solution for your problem
might be a table driven pattern.

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