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Summary: Purge extra files with WF3 (delete old versions)


Summary: Purge extra files with WF3 (delete old versions)


I chose #5 as that was the first one I got, and it worked great. Thanks for all your help.
1 - Google SPEKAN PURGE TOOL or go to


2 - Use spekan purge. Very simple to use and safe. Unzip it to the desktop and rename ...


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This is a very simple solution I found searching the forum and works great. No download req'd. Simply type "purge" in the system window opened to your working directory.

"In Wildfire, & WF2:
Top toolbar: "Window", "Open System Window", "Purge"
will get rid of old file versions of parts, assemblies, and drawings.

Make sure you are in the right working directory.

Also check the achieves in the model exploder for: [model] "RE: Wildfire Save and Purge command" if you are using intralink - read the warnings." -- David Krumwiede

Another solution is to copy the purge.exe file to the directory you want to use it in, and double click on it.

For me it was located here:

Or, rather than copying the file every time, you could just add the
ProE...\bin directory to your Windows Path.

We have Purge set up as a menu entry when you right-click a directory,
but this requires editing the registry; we also have a batch file which
purges every directory below a specified start point, as well as
deleting a bunch of temporary file types (.log, .err, .tst, .inf etc).

Best regards,



The mapkey for purging the working directory is pretty simple to
construct as well. I created it and have a button in the File menu...

The mapkey text is...

mapkey purge @MAPKEY_NAMEPurges all old files from current working \

mapkey(continued) directory.;@MAPKEY_LABELPurge ALL;\

mapkey(continued) @SYSTEMC:\\Program Files\\proeWildfire

Just change C:\\Program Files\\proeWildfire 3.0\\ to your load point.
You can then just type 'purge' or click it on the menu.

I only have WF, so I'm not sure what you would need to do for Creo...