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Symmetry function


Symmetry function

I'm building a part with several pro/surface and Isdx functions.
It's somethink like a bike, so it's have a symmetry plane.
So, I'm modeling the half of the model and making symmetry function near to the end of the function tree (some details aren't symmetrics).

Near the end the whole model is an open quilt so I've tryied 2 methods :

- I make a planar surface in the middle plane
- I merge this one with my surface (so I got a closed volume)
- I solidify this volume
- I make a symmetry function on this closed and solid volume

- I make a symmetric quilt (with wymmetry function)
- I merge the two quilts
- I solidify this volume

So, in both cases, one of the functions spend a lot of time (seems to depending on tangency condition in the symmetry plane).
(In case 1 : symmetry - in case 2 : merge).
a lot of time : I mean that this particular function spent more time for regen than all the other ones.

So I'm wondering what would be the best approach in this sort of problem.
I can't change precision because other functions.
So what is the best method ?
How handle this sort of symmetry/precision problem ?


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