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assembly mirror fails, HELP


assembly mirror fails, HELP

hello ProE users...
I´m having trouble creating a mirror of a component within an assembly using the a "mirror merge" function (insert>component>create, select part, mirror). The component I´m trying to mirror has several cut functions included, some at the part level others at the assembly level.

According to the message window I can´t mirror a part intersected by an assembly feature.
At this point I have advanced so much in the design process that creating the cut features manually again in the part level is not an option since they are references for other features. Is there an easy way to move these features from assembly level to part level??

...if this is not possible...then how can I create the mirror component in spite of having the original part intersected by an assembly cut??

thanks , best regards

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The real question regarding this situation is at what level SHOULD these
cooling channel cuts exist - at the part level or at the assembly level?
Unless these cooling channels are actually manufactured AFTER the two halves
of the mold have been assembled together, then they should be modeled at the
part level. Of course this does not solve your problem as to how to transfer
this geometry down to the part level.

So are you saying that in the BLOCK 1 part that contains the assembly level
cooling channels, that there are additional features at the part level of
BLOCK 1 that are referencing the assembly cuts? If this is true, then you
have a real mess. If this is the case, it may be feasible to go into the
INSERT MODE in the BLOCK 1 part prior to the features which reference the
assembly cuts, recreate the cooling channels at the part level, and then
resume the features which reference the assembly cuts and reroute them to
the newly created cooling channels at the part level. I hope this helps.

If you want to send me the models (including the assembly where the cuts
were first created) I could take a look at it to give you a better idea of
what's involved.

Best Regards,

Scott W. Schultz

Principal Consultant

3D Relief Inc.

3700 Willow Creek Drive

Raliegh, NC 27604


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