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.prt revision basics


.prt revision basics

We are trying to consolidate server space and our project foldersall still have the"old models". I think that the following is generic enough for all to understand. It is verbatim out ofan internal e-mail discussion with our CAD users. Thanks for your help! (ps, data managementsofware is not currently an option)....(1)A sketch is created that gets extruded into a shape.A few rounds and chamfers are added, alongwith a drilled hole here or there and you have the "finished" part - lets say at prt.5. Then an executivechange to the designmodifies the original sketch slightly and a chamfer is removed, bringing the model toprt.15. Right before the drawings are released it is decided to go back to the first iteration. We knowthat Pro-E allows us to open older versions of the model. However, can that old data be recovered ifthe older models are deleted? If somehow the prt.15design was released andversions prt.1 thru prt.14 are deleted, can you get back to that original prt.5 sketch if necessary? Or do you need to redrawthat original design?(2) Ifdrawing "revision zero" uses model prt.15, and then "revision one" uses prt.30, can those two models communicate with each other if necessary - as mentioned above - ifthe models prt.16 thru prt. 29are deleted.
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Well the answers were fast and furious....A big no to item 1 - a redraw is necessary(although a possible work around is if thenetwork is backed-up on a daily basis, the old model versionsmight be on the back-up tapes). Item 2, as described, results in no communication. Thanks to all.


These version numbers are simply the number of times the part was saved.
I'm not sure how successful you'll be in using it for some kind of rev
tracking. For example, if I create a part and then save it repeatedly,
the version number will increment and files will be created, but they
will all be the same. Also, I'm not sure there's any way to find out
for a drawing what the version number of the part was when it was saved.

Also, the version number is deliberately irrelevant in terms of the
inter-operatability (is that a word?) of files are concerned. In other
words, when opening a drawing or assembly, it will open any file it
finds regardless of version number, using the highest version number it

It sounds like what you are really looking for is a solid revision
control and document retention policy. Personally, although it might
seem promising, I wouldn't try to leverage the version numbers in that.
I don't think it will help you, in fact, it may actually make it harder.

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer
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